“Native Translation” is a young agency, we started in early 2010. Operating from the heart of Egypt, we are strongly inspired by our grandfathers, the Pharaohs. For them every sentence, every word, and every symbol was carved with ultimate care. [more]

Mission Statement

Our mission at “Native Translation” is to provide our clients with integrated linguistic solutions at an exceptional level of quality through the use of highly-qualified translators, state of the art software and a standardized project life cycle.
We maintain this level of quality through the use of tight quality control and quality assurance procedures.



Our Services

We provide a host of language solutions. Our services include:
Desktop Publishing

We offerour services in 12 languages...more

Our Clients

We are proud to have provided services to large multinational companies such as Genius, LinkSys, Hilton, Convera…more

Our Work Force

We hire only the most professional linguists, all natives in their target languages and who have been living in their home country for the last 3 years to make sure they are up-to-date with the latest cultural tendencies.