“Native Translation” is a young agency, we started in early 2010. Operating from the heart of Egypt, we are strongly inspired by our grandfathers, the Pharaohs. For them every sentence, every word, and every symbol was carved with ultimate care. [more]

Contact Us

We would be happy to have you contacting us.
You can reach us in a variety of ways.

You may send us an e-mail:
• For general queries: “info@native-trans.com
• For any financial issues: “finance@ native-trans.com

You may call us:
Mohamed Marzouk, Project manager “+2011 3 22 6 22 0”

You may have a live chat with one of our representatives. Kindly add the contact for the corresponding messenger :
1- Yahoo messenger “nativetrans.agency@yahoo.com”.
2- Live Messenger “nativetrans.agency@hotmail.com”.
3- Google talk “nativetrans.agency@gmail.com”.
4- Skype “nativetrans.agency”

Our Work Force

We hire only the most professional linguists, all natives in their target languages and who have been living in their home country for the last 3 years to make sure they are up-to-date with the latest cultural tendencies.